March 3, 2013

List of everyday quotations

List of everyday quotations

"Life's a journey, not a destination." - Aerosmith
"Life is a series of pulls back and forth. You want to do one thing, but you are bound to do something else. Something hurts you, yet you know it shouldn't. You take certain things for granted, even when you know you should never take anything for granted."
"All I want is everything."
"Utopia is only universal empathy."
"You like wearing women's lingerie?"
"See what may happen. See what will happen."
"When your shrouded in baptism brine for the dawn of the great rebirth don't forget your name."
"Christ takes center stage"
"They now suffered very nearly what they had inflicted."
"I don't know what I should think when guys in my chemistry class tell me they'd bang me."
"I have the attention span of a goldfish"
"The ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything is 42 and we all like Vindaloo."
"Happy birthday"
"Medicated are we all."
"Take a gun to your head. Close your eyes and now your dead."
"I tried hard to have a father but instead I have a dad."
"Are you feeling musical today?"
"How was YOUR 20 minutes?"
"Why is the rum gone?"
"My laughter you won't hear the faster I disappear."
"It's a box we both have!"
"Under skinned knees and skid marks, past the places where you used to learn, you howl and listen and wait for the echoes of angels who won't return."
"I'm a bad bowler."
"Should I be happy that we're friends or sad because I know that's all we'll ever be?"
"If you love something, let it go. If it comes back it's yours. If it doesn't, it never really was in the first place."
"Don't hate on Jenga 'cuz we're super cool losers."
"You remember your Halloween costume? You should wear it again!"
"Lindsey just said 'my bad!' I can't believe Lindsey just said that!"
"They say freak when your singled out. The red, well it filters through. So laay down, the threat is real. When his scars go red again."
"People taste like pork"
"We all need a God-sized mission!"
"Chemicals keep me under control."
"Water nymphs are we both."
"Peace, love and empathy"
"I don't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday."
"Nevermind me, I am just a moron in disguise."

February 23, 2013

Everyday quotes list

Here's another everyday quotes list:

"My toe! You broke my toe!"
"The bush lied!"
"An igloo???"
"Reminicint Screams like womb dreams from ridding yourself of your own exsistence."
"She's breathing quietly. He is gasping for air."
"You cant live life in fear of tomorrow."
"I lost my virginity at the mall. I looked everywhere for it. I looked in the stores and even in the lost and found. Finally, I bought a new one."
"If you don't laugh, your gonna turn into a shriveled prune."
"What would happen if Jesus met Gandi?"
"They sit, waiting for my demise."
"Words themselves - the very material of our discourse, increasingly take on masks or disguises" - Dennis Potter
"He he he."
"I bowled a Darla."
"There's more in a smile than in a hand shake" - Richard Ashcroft
"Where's the bowl? Where's the bowl"
"Ah, the boob is oozing! It got all over my hand"
"Beep beep! Please step away from Lindsey"
"We looked at curtains... aw, are you moving in together?"
"Friendship is always a sweet responsiblity, never an opportunity." - Kahil Gibran
"God gave people a mouth that closes and ears that don't, which should tell us something."
"I recommend sticking you food in you mouth at any time."
"A friend is what the heart needs all the time." - Henry van Dyke
"Wow! Darla you like a girl!"
"I dated a metrosexual. I had to break up with him because he used to much gel."
"Oh hell yeah."
"What else should I write? I don't have the right."
"All I have to do to get you to love me is invite you to a metal concert? Cool!"
"He smells!"
"Are you cuddleulable?"
"Do we have to flash them?"
"With you halo slipping down. I'll tug you off your cloud and pull you to the ground. And I'm more than just a little curious how your planning to go about making your ammends to the dead."
"Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes...just be an illusion." - Javan
"You go into a maternity ward and what do you hear? 'wah ooo ah look at the baby.' You go into a morgue and what do you hear?"
"Hug me and protect me from the evil ones, the other ones."
"Dont drop the soap"
"What he doesn't know only makes him stronger!"
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." - Edgar Allan Poe
"The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference."

February 9, 2013

List of various everyday quotes

List of various everyday quotes:

"I'm such a dork."
"Most tv shows suck, but the Simpsons are cool. It can be watched on a deeper level that most people don't see. They dont realize they are getting made fun of."
"I took a chance on a beautiful stranger."
"We should play spoons with Jake."
"All you really need is everything you could never be."
"Where there's a hole - - fill it."
"Ooo... did you just hear that? My ear just hurt"
"I watched a red balloon fly up. It graced your checked when it reached heaven, and I hope you thought of me and times we shared releasing red balloons into the air."
"Sizzle sizzle."
"It smells like Chinese food. God, not I want Chinese food."
"Do you think she did it?"
"Love, like a drug, pushes away all but none."
"We're going to eat food... WHAT!?"
"I've been locked in your heart shaped box for one week."
"You only want to be near him so you join in his crimson jihad."
"It smells like uncooked pastires."
"She looks like my uncle!"
"Yay bouncing blobs and channel surfing pills."
"What else can I do? I'm so in love with you."
"We rock at taboo."
"I'm on the happy pill."
"Dustin put me back on probation."
"We should get back together... (big pause)... after I get back from vacation."
"Go Rosie! Kick it! Kick it girl!"
"We are the knights that say 'Ni'"
"I should break your finger, but I'm in America."
"Nothings alright. Nothing is fine."
"Look into my eyes. Look into my soul."
"I wanna be the lubricant"
"I will name him squishy and he will be mine. He shall be squishy! Bad bad squishy!"
"I try to reach the floor below to stand. I hope is reach it once again.
"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts."
"It's the first time I've even felt this lonely. Wish someone would cure this pain."
"We're the sons and daughters daddy hates too much to kil."
"The first cut is the deepest."
"Why do they kill people who kill people to show people that killing people is wrong?"

February 3, 2013

List of quotes to use in your movie

List of quotes to use in your movie:

"I hear a voice say don't be so blind. It's telling me all the things that you would probably hide. Am I your one and only desire? Am I the reason you breathe or am I the reason you cry?"
"I don't care what you think, unless its about me."
"Marie! Why is there blonde hair in the shower?"
"We are no longer the knights that say 'Ni', we are the knights that say 'icky icky soarr....."
"Mama reminded me of the deep south and hicks that go out and shoot alligators to fry up."
"And he erected a beautiful city, a city of stars."
"Though I have seen the oceans and mountains, though I have read great books and seen great works of art, thought I have heard symphonies and tasted the best... foods, there is nothing greater or more beautiful than those people I love."
"I can't hack with flip flops on, they'll fly up there!"
"Zak's just a bit gay"
"I can't picture you girlie."
"Stmart... stupid but it looks like smart. How do we prononce it? Like the beginning of Stuart and the end of K-Mart. Wait! I just realized I could have just said 'Mart'"
"Come to service tonight to meet Eggmont-you'll like him."
"Oh my god- I was totally eyeing your boyfriend like all year"
"When your head is buried in the sand, don't think about how you resemble an ostrich."
"I'm broken"
"Live for the moment"
"Miss 'I cook fish with the oven light'"
"Wert... what does that mean? Is it like e'er??"
"A yarmulke?"
"You think about it and your like 'Wow! That was good'"
"Well, at least your not a morman."
"I'd laugh if I died of a caffeine od?"
"Love can be so boring"
"Here's a life."
"A small firl coughing and choking in the shadows, the crackling of hell close by, the suffocating heat, dread in its original purity."
"It's like a washing machine except we never get clean"
"For so long my life's been sewn up tight inside your hold and it leaves me there without a place to call my own."
"If you laugh, it'd medicine"
"I feel like I'm all alone, all by myself. I need to get around this. My words are cold. I don't want them to hurt you. If I show you, I don't think you'd understand, cuz no one understands."
"Shes moving way to fast and he only wants to hold her. Nothing that he says is really having an affect. He whispers that he loves her but she's probably only looking for sex."
"Two words: 'Mystery Date'"
"A hotdog saved my life"
"Say goodnight before you say goodbye."
"How many of you like brocolli?"
"No one can save us from god, not even death."
"Am I in the morgue?"
""Why have one girl when you could have two?"
"Let it happen this way. It will be wiser in the end. Do not fight it. Take your grief as you were born to take it, give up the struggle where your strength is feebleness with no force anywhere to help. Listen to me! Your city is are in our power!"
"I don't know."
"Gary said when I kicked Kyle out that I just didn't know him well enough. I think I know Kyle better than Gary because Gary is blind to the fact that his kids are like the spawn of Satan."
"My moms on crack"